The French Needle
THE Fench Needle -

CUSTOM Fabricates Traditional French Wall Upholstery, Draperies and Soft Home Furnishing by using Skills and Techniques which are hundreds of years old in France.

We offer our Trade Mark "CLEAN FINISH WALL UPHOLSTERY" which translates to - No Trimming, Cording or Double Welt are required to finish off the wall upholstery edges around crown moldings, baseboards, doors, windows and curvature mill work.

This treatment changes a room instantaneously - it adds elegance, sophistication and the accoustic which is needed for relaxation. It's very well appreciated by discriminating home owners, architects and interior designers with discerning eyes.

The Draperies are fabricated exactly as they are done in France - 90% hand sewn and 10% machine sewn, there are no short cuts with the sewing details, inside and out due to this factor it causes them to drape elegantly after installation and most importantly adds the CHICNESS which is required to complement the EXQUISITE WALL UPHOLSTERY.

After a combining forty-six years in the business both in France and the USA, we are specialized in working with fabrics of all textures and compositions, including silk, leather, horse hair, vinyl and raffia.

The French Needle line of drapery hardware are designed by Mr. Serge Lhermite and then custom fabricated to fit the needs of
his clients.

We are always pleased to offer to our clients our unrivaled QUALITY Craftsmanship and excellent customer service.
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